Testimonials to Amie's Life

She was a mom, wife, daughter and loving friend. 

From Chris Carr, Star Tribune
A news story that published in mid-June last summer mysteriously popped up Wednesday morning as the most-read story on startribune.com. That is such an odd occurrence that some newsroom editors had to quickly investigate and look under the website’s hood to figure out how a tucked-away, 8-month-old news story was now somehow the most popular story on the entire site.

It wasn’t a glitch, or a hack, or a faulty count.

It was Amie.  And it was you and all your friends, and your friends’ friends, and their friends, wanting to read about Amie.

This week’s wave of concern, of sadness, of love, of inspiration caused so many people in the past two days to share and search and seek more information about Amie’s incredible story that a Star Tribune article from June on an alarming issue involving the health of certain veterans, featuring Amie, climbed above all the global and local and sports and snow news (yes, even more popular than snow news) of these past two days.

This just does not happen. Eight-month-old news stories don’t just launch up the charts because of a spike in curiosity. People have been on a mission in the last 48 hours to know more about Amie, to read more about this person who was so special in so many people’s lives.

When that Star Tribune story (it focused on veterans experiencing illnesses that were potentially related to their proximity to the burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan) featuring Amie was published in June, nearly 30,000 people read the story online that week, a very strong number. And we print close to a half-million copies of the Sunday editions, so safe to say: this front-page story featuring Amie – let’s just call it “Amie’s story,” because it was Amie who made it memorable, who made it resonate with readers -- circulated widely in June.

This week? In the past 48 hours, over 60,000 people have read Amie’s story. Sixty thousand. Probably 70,000 by morning. All of this driven by the power of people seeking to know more about her, or see her again in the photographs, or re-read a story that was now touching them in deeper ways.  That’s a lot of power.  Fitting, for such a powerful woman.

As many of you – especially you, Brian -- have shared, so beautifully: Amie was a light, and so many were drawn to her. The news here is: This has not changed. She’s still a light. People, by the tens of thousands, are still drawn to her.

A news story doesn't compare to the touching personal memories shared here. But maybe in reading Amie’s story people are sharing in a source of inspiration, or comfort, or some continuing hope, as Amie shared to the reporter, that somehow good would come of her pain. If so, may this wave keep rolling.

Here’s to Amie, her family, her brave fight and her incredibly powerful story.

From Jill Stephenson, Gold Star Family
Today I got to share news of a bridge and of a book named and written in honor of my son, but my heart has been heavy about another family whose Angel got her wings three days ago.

I first met Amie Dahl Muller at the funeral for Ben Kopp. She was there to take photos and went out of her way to find me and introduce herself. When I would see her at events after that she continued to go out of her way to say hello to me. We didn't see each other that often, but I always thought the world of her. Just this past fall she reached out to me because her oldest daughter was at Arlington for a field trip and she wanted to know where Ben's place was. Amie had shared Ben's story with her and she wanted to visit him. I was very touched.

I was sad to learn of her cancer diagnosis this spring and thought for sure with the army of love and support behind her she would beat it.
The masses rallied behind her and her family as Team Amie and took on Pancer with her! It is so hard to understand why someone so deeply loved by so many gets called Home. Why God why? Why do her babies have to go to their mama's funeral? It breaks my heart.
 The solace I find is that God needed her on the other side and I can only imagine what kind of work she is going to be doing. Such a bright and beautiful light has not been snuffed out, she will shine brighter than ever now. Amie will be a beacon that so many will turn to and trust. Everyone that knew her is a better person for having done so. Her pain is gone, she's been set free. I love you Amie and wonder how you will begin showing up in everyone's lives. Fly Home sweet Angel, your wings are gorgeous.

I am so terribly sorry to Brian , Amie's beautiful children and her loving family and friend's . I have wanted to say something even though I was not directly connected to Amie but ..other's I knew were connected to Brian and lead me to the caring bridge from day one .If you asked my husband he would tell you I would read each and every Caring Bridge update to him & sit and cry . I can tell you that from the first time I read anything I could hear and see the loving husband and family & friend's Amie had & I could see her support network was endless due to the super hero human being she was and one look at her big smile I could see she was full of life ,so vibrant & beautiful on every phase of the word. So unfair & heart wrenching is an under statement to find she was such a young wonderful mother with young children I just couldn't understand or fathom this at all, I felt sick for her & my heart ached that she had to go through all of this & worry about her young babies as this is something us mother's all fear..I was never going to lose touch because I had hoped and cheered and prayed so hard for this precious young woman to be cured & continued to question " how does this happen to someone so good on earth ?" I am so wholeheartedly sorry to all of you who lost her I can't imagine how tough & horrifying this loss has been .

Throughout Amie's journey when life threw little curve balls in my life or there were things I didn't want to do or face at all I did & will continue to tell myself what Amie had to do and how hard she fought & still had to lose her life after doing so and the time that Brian took to keep us all updated, we can all do anything after the fight Amiefought. I will have more patience with my own four children , remind myselfhow precious life is ,tomorrow is not promised and Ilearned that God truly does take some of the best way too early. I will continue to pray that Amie is wrapping her angel wings around all her loved ones from up above & hope that she brings you light on some of the hardest days ahead . Love and hugs ❤

I did not know Amie personally, so forgive me as I sort of feel like an imposter on this page, a stranger among so many people that cared for and loved her.  But I felt compelled to write something, because as silly as it sounds this complete stranger and her journey has truly made me become a better mom and wife.  I learned of Amie because my husband and sister in law are part of the 148th family.  My sister in law, (Julie Grandaw) called me one night last year and when I picked up, it was silent.  I could hear her try to form words but nothing was really coming out.  In the 12 years of knowing my sister in law, through her own hardships and health scares I never once heard or saw her cry, so I was taken aback from this phone call.  It was the night she found out her friend and co-worker Amie had been diagnosed with cancer.  Julie, through tears, was able to share with me how wonderful and amazing Amie was and I could feel the love my sister in law had for this girl just from her vulnerable and genuine reaction, which I wasn't used to.  From that, I just knew that Amie had to be someone special and the next day, that became even more evident because simultaneously other mutual friends were sharing her story and saying the same things about this beautiful soul.   From there I started following her journey and ever since the first caringbridge post she and her family have been so heavy on my heart.  So many tears I have shed for this complete stranger and her family!  And to mimic what another said on this page, I would cry when thinking of Amie while wondering, "If this woman, who I have never even met has this affect on me, I can only imagine what the people close to her are feeling." I don't know if her story resonated with me so much because we are the same age and both mothers but for whatever reason she has been on my mind daily and included in my nightly prayers.   I admired her strength and every time I put myself in her shoes, I wondered if I could have handled my diagnosis with such strength and determination like she always seemed to have.  Through Brian's words I learned to take a step back and let the small things go and to pick my battles with the people I love the most. I'm more gentler, more patient with my young daughters and my husband.   I see this change in myself that I can only attribute to Amie's journey.   Brian I want to say thank you for sharing your journey and beautiful wife with us.  It breaks my heart and I am sorry that you had to lose the love of your life and your children, their beautiful mother but just always know that through this unimaginable difficult time you and Amie taught so many of us an invaluable lesson that we all seem to take for granted until it's too late and that is to grab every ounce of joy out of life that we can!  She has left her handprint on so many of our hearts and I pray that you find some comfort and peace during this difficult time in knowing that.  ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Kristen Foreman
I've had such a heavy, sad heart since Saturday knowing that God was taking Amie home. I've followed her Pancer journey from the beginning thanks to her amazing husband, whom I've never met, but who has been so gracious to let us all in with such beautifully written updates.
I met Amie in 1998 at Lackland Air Force Base during our technical school for Security Forces.  I think we made instant friends because we were both from Northern state's and our accents had people asking if we were from Canada! Her bright smile and bubbly personalitylifted my spirits more times than I can count during that short period of time and I was so sad when our duty assignments put us in different countries.  We managed to stay in contact periodically over the years and Facebook helped me to stay up to date with her life and watch her being a beautiful wife and mother to 3 gorgeous children.
I think that's why this has hit me so hard. Being a mom of young children I can't imagine what it must be like for her family. She fought so hard and I prayed she would beat it....I truly felt in my heart she would. I will continue to pray for peace and for God to surround her family with His grace and love. May you forever dance with the angels Amie Dahl Muller


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Who Amie was. She was an animal lover, she was modest and beautiful in every way. She loved people. She was caring and compassionate. She had an infectious smile and laugh and loved life.