A 1/3 to a half of the proceeds of the Amie Muller Foundation will go to fund research for early detection screening. Each year we will make a donation in Amie's honor to the Suzanne Wright Foundation and Code Purple Now.




Source:The Suzanne Wright Foundation

HARPA is modeled after DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

After the launch of Sputnik in 1958, President Eisenhower established DARPA to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security. DARPA functions differently from other federal agencies that fund research and development. Simply put, DARPA does not fund research: it builds capabilities. The agency values a relentless drive for transformative results and a willingness to take risks. DARPA’s transformational developments include, The Internet, Voice Recognition Technology, GPS navigation, Night vision, Robotic Prostheses, Stealth Technology. DARPA’s success proves there is an effective government model for translating science to product.

HARPA would employ DARPA’s operating principles, including:

  • High-impact investments made on a contract—not grant—basis

  • Firm performance milestones for every program, creating strict accountability

  • A limited term for each program manager, driving a constant flow of new ideas

  • A flat, nimble structure to ensure efficiency

  • Integration of private sector partners and federal regulatory agencies at the start of the planning process

For more info on HARPA, go to: https://www.harpa.org

Current News - March 2018

 On March 23rd, President Trump signed the Omnibus Appropriations bill into law that includes a significant increase in federal research funding. The NIH will grow by 8.3% to $37 billion, and the NSF will grow by about 5%, to $6.3 billion. 


The NIH's commitment to basic research and building foundational knowledge is critical. The organization CodePurple Now, who we have partnered with, have a proposal to create HARPA -  a Health Advanced Research Projects Agency - which would leverage these research investments with a broad public/private ecosystem to build capabilities that will save and improve lives now.


CodePurple Now's work in Washington with policy leaders in Congress and across the Administration continues. Later this Spring, they will be sharing a documentary on the potential of HARPA for breakthroughs in Pancreatic Cancer and the thousands of other urgent, unmet medical challenges. 


Listen to Suzanne talk about her fight with Pancer below.

Listen to Bob Wright of the Suzanne Wright Foundation and CodePurpleNow talk about what his organization is doing to fight Pancer.


Pancreatic cancer is the most deadly of all major cancers, yet receives only 2% of National Cancer Institute (NCI) funding. There is no detection test. There are no curative treatments. 43,000 people have died every year, for nearly 50 years. There is no urgency.


Pancreatic cancer is not a priority at the NCI. We need leadership and accountability. If any other business delivered the same failing results for four decades, we would shut it down and start over.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) runs like an emergency room, operating 24-7. Transfer pancreatic cancer responsibility to the CDC, where we can launch a public/private partnership to drive innovation and leverage state of the art technology to save lives.

Help us start to make progress in the war on Pancer. It is now the 3rd leading cause of cancer related death and that can and needs to change.

The Amie Muller Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donate now to the Amie Muller Foundation https://www.youcaring.com/AmieMullerFoundation

Half of the proceeds raise each year by the Amie Muller Foundation will be donated to CodePurpleNow to help fund research to get Pancreatic Cancer diagnosed at earlier stages and find early detection screening.