Written by Brian David Muller

What I have learned about cancer:

-Cancer is a symptom of something off balance in your body. Your body is sending you a message

-Extreme fatigue and loss of appetite are the biggest signs of cancer

-Cancer is a disease of the immune system. People with cancer have an imbalance in their TH1 and TH2 autoimmunity. The TH1 is like the PAC-MAN of your immune system. It attacks things that shouldn't be there. Your TH2 is the antibodies that tell the PAC-MAN(TH1) what to attack.

-Vitamin A,C, Zinc, Mitaka Mushrooms, Garlic can help build TH1
-Resvertrol, Green Tea, Lipotine and Caffeine via Coffee Enemes can help support TH2

-Natural protocols can make cancer worse if you don't know if you are TH1 or TH2 dominant. What works for one doesn't work for everyone, because people are different biologically.  Th1 and Th2 dominance is an example of one very significant difference in people and it would affect a lot of the supplement, lifestyle and diet recommendations for an individual.

-80% of your immune system is in your gut. That is why probiotics are so important to support your immune system

-Cancer is cause by a bad gene or oncogene. How? Depleted methyl groups(HCL). HCL levels can be tested by looking at your blood work. Your total protein level, Serum Globulin, BUN and Phosphorus

-Cancer is surrounded by biofilm slimy layer which natural remedies as well as some cancer therapies can break through.

-Cancer is caused by stress which could be from environmental factors, holding on to anger or resentment, excessive criticism, extreme guilt, being put in stressful situations, living in a constant state of fear, not loving yourself. Anger turns into things that can infect the body.

-We have a 100 million cancer cells in our body at any given time. Our own immune system kills cancerous cells when the immune system is healthy. When the body is overwhelmed by heavy metals, chemicals, fungus and nutritional deficiencies, the immune system simply doesn't have the ability to kill these mutated cells any longer. When the immune system is distracted dealing with other problems in your body, cancer happens.

-Sauna therapy can help release the body of the bulk of heavy metals, chemicals and chronic infections built up over time. Infrared lamp sauna's can penetrate the skin and heat from the inside.

-Cancer can't be cured permanently until a lifestyle change is made permanently

-Any past baggage needs to be addressed for you to heal properly

-Do not microwave anything in plastic containers.

-Use vegetarian capsules with your supplements. There is not heat pressure used and they have 50% better absorption. Most capsules are bonded with fillers like magnesium stearate.

-If you eat fruit, only eat fruits with a pit in them. Peach, apricot, plums, etc.

-Stop eating gluten, dairy and soy. It causes massive inflammation.

-Cancer comes from a long-term pattern of resentment that is so deep, that it is held on to for such a long period of time that it literally eats away at your body and causes an imbalance

-If you have cancer, you have gut disjunction, leaky gut, blood sugar regulation problems, lymphatic disjunction and issues with your gall bladder

-Cancer thrives off of anaerobic activity(low oxygen environment). An anaerobic organism does not require oxygen to grow. It may react negatively or even die if oxygen is present.

-When you have cancer, there is inflammation in your body which needs to be addressed. Things you can do to decrease inflammation: Take Magnesium. Use diluted 100% Aloa Vera in a couple of your glasses of water. Use coconut oil.

-Fat is good. Trans and hydrogenated fats cause your cell membranes to become weak like a balloon that can easily be popped. 


-Don't use Canola Oil. It is basically furniture polish. Use only coconut oil. It not only helps your immune system but helps detoxify your body and decreases inflammation

-Drink ½ an ounce of purified water per pound of body weight. Equates to six 8 ounce glasses of water per 100 pounds of body weight. Do not drink Vitamin Water if it contains high fructose corn syrup and food dyes.

-Stop using table salt(it is full of chemicals and metals). Use pink salt

-If you don't clear the negative mental patterns, cancer will most likely return. No changes in your mental patterns you will re-create the same illness

-If your are willing to do the mental work of releasing and forgiving, almost anything can be healed

-The word incurable, really only means it can't be cured by modern medicine and that we must “GO WITHIN” to effect the healing

-Cancer thrives off of a low oxygen, high sugar environment. Stop eating things with refined sugars

-Eliminate as many free radicals or excitotoxins as possible buy eating organic. Free radicals are found in meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables

-Excitotoxins are found in chemicals like MSG, Monosodium Glutemate and Aspartame

-If you have cancer your Parathyroid is not working properly which helps regulate your metabolism and protect you from heavy metal exposure. 

-The number one thing you do to support your Parathyroid is to drink Green Tea

Source: Dr. Michael Johnson and various cancer research