Written by Brian David Muller

It is not easy to find any comfort whatsoever when faced with any type of cancer diagnosis, but there needs to be place you can go that creates a calm in you. A place that feels comforting. One place to find comfort is spirituality. which can mean many different things. Spiritually can mean your faith in god or a higher power or it can mean a focus on your inner peace. Oxford's definition says that spiritually is 1. elating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. 2. Relating to religion or religious belief.

Wikipedia says that in Modern times, spirituality can mean the emphasis is on subjective experience of a sacred dimension[1] and the "deepest values and meanings by which people live,"[2][3] often in a context separate from organized religious institutions.[4] Modern spirituality typically includes a belief in a supernatural (beyond the known and observable) realm,[5] personal growth,[6] a quest for an ultimate/sacred meaning,[7] religious experience,[8] or an encounter with one's own "inner dimension."[9]

So where do you go with all of that? I think one of the most comforting things is to recognize is that you are a soul within a physical body, rather than the other way around. Knowing that there is life after death. Knowing that your soul will continue on. To beat cancer doesn't mean you stop thinking of dying. You have to focus on living and beating it, but you also have to be realistic and know that there is a chance you may not and you must prepare yourself for that mentally and spiritually. Being in denial can relieve stress, but not a place that will bring you comfort for long.

So here are some facts about the soul that I have found comforting and I wished I would have known before my wife passed away. If you haven't read the book "What Happens When We Die" by Echo Bodine, I would highly recommend it. I know it doesn't seem like the best type of book to read while you are still fighting for your life, but it will bring you some comfort in the now and help you understand life in a different way. It was also put some reality into your viewpoint which may be needed depending on what stage you are in the journey.

FACTS ABOUT THE SOUL from Echo Bodine's book "What Happens When We Die.”

“Webster’s New World Dictionary defines the word soul as “an entity without material reality, regarded as the spiritual part of a person.” 
-A person’s soul looks just like their physical body except the soul looks younger and less stressed and is transparent. Souls appear in clothing.
-The soul is attached to the body by a silver cord, similar to the umbilical cord. The cord is severed at the time of “death.
The soul is our personality, and it lives on after death.
-Each of us has the same soul in every lifetime, and it continues to grow in awareness, wisdom, knowledge, and consciousness.
-The soul takes many out-of-body journeys when the body is sleeping. This is called astral projection, and you’ll be reading about it later in the book.
-When a person is in their dying process, the soul spends much of its time out of the body, preparing for its new life on the other side.” During this time, the soul visits with deceased loved ones quite often and reacquaints itself with its new (old) home, heaven. When the person physically dies on this side, they are being born into the other side, in a sense. They aren’t born as a baby, but they are beginning a new life. We often hear stories about people seeing a white light as they are approaching heaven. What do you suppose a newborn baby is seeing while coming out of the birth canal? The white light, of course.
-At the end of each lifetime, we leave the physical body we have been residing in and go back home to rest up until the next time we come here.
-Believe it or not, you have probably died at least two hundred times by now, depending on how old a soul you are, so death is “old hat” to your soul. There are different ages of souls and different levels of consciousness."

There is life after death. Your soul will live on. There is just to many stories and instances of near death experiences to prove that there is. Find comfort in the chaos by knowing that you are a soul first and a human second. Your beautiful soul will shine down on your loved ones forever and you will see them all again someday.